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[QUOTE=tUrRrRa]I also noticed that the True blush looked like a color I would never wear, but surprisingly I liked how it came out.. I just use a tiny bit and it doesn't come out coppery on me surprisingly. I'm a fair/medium skin tone. I love the bronzer.. it looks very natural and isn't shimmery (I have the Perfect Tan one). I liked the products that came in the set.. neat stuff!

I love the Loreal mineral makeup!! I definitely agree that it gives more coverage than the others but doesn't feel cakey or anything at all. It looks nice and natural and isn't heavy, but covers well! [/QUOTE]

I will have to try the Loreal when I run out out of my Mineral Basics foundation. I've always preferred to use products I can just go get at my local drugstore. Especially the essentials like foundation and mascara.

The Perfect Tan bronzer is nice, but I'm paler so ordered a sample of the multi-use color called Dusk which I like better.

One thing about Mineral Basics is they don't measure the product, they just fill the container to the absolute brim, way over the top of the shaker somewhere inside. I swear I must have a lifetime supply of the Finishing Silk which is the only full size item I've ordered yet. I'm going to need more Glow and I can't imagine how long it will take to use up that much. I just use it as a highligher and to disguise undereye circles and shadows.

Mineral Basics sells containers cheap, so maybe you could dump the Loreal into one of those.

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