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Hello... I've been having a TERRIBLE problem with my skin lately, and it's all caused by cosmetics. You see, I used to use Revlon Colorstay Powder, but then they changed the formula, and my face looked absolutely horrible and furry! (The powder stuck to all the peach fuzz on my face.) Well, it seems as though every store has cleared out their old stock and put all the new version in, so I can't find it anywhere! What was I to do but to try ANOTHER brand?! I've tried Clinique (major breakouts), Almay (disgusting eczema-looking stuff on my face), and now Proactiv's powder, which in a mere three days has given me the worst breakout that I've ever had! I'm at a complete loss of what to do or what to try, and the worst part of it is that I'm going to an endocrinology appointment in a few days (to test if my hormones are off), and one of the things they look for is acne! I don't want them thinking that my hormones are off because I had an allergic reaction to a makeup, when I normally have really clear skin... and even if I explain it to them, they still write in their little "doctor's files" that I have acne! :rolleyes: When I tried to Proactiv SOLUTION (the actual acne treatment), it cleared my face for about a week, but then it got all dry, red, and irritated. I've also tried salcilic acid (sp?), which made it 10X worse!

Can someone PLEASE suggest a good brand that is okay for sensitive skin? I know Clinique is supposed to be good, but I had one of the worst reactions to that line. I'm thinking of trying Physician's Formula powder... do you think that might be okay???

Thanks so much if you can help me out!

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