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I've tried the Nina Richi brightening serum & it worked great.The mistake was that I used it only on my face so it made a contrast between my face & neck color.I also use Issima Perfect White C facial cleanser gel that contains very tiny & soft particles that scrub the skin gently & lightly without shading it.

Otherwise, here is the real bleaching line (whatever the brand):
1) Clean your face day & night with a whitening cleanser (like the one I use since it scrubs the skin softly preparing it to accept the next steps).
2) Use a clarifying toner once a day directly after cleansing.
3) Apply a whitening cream if ur skin dry, while a whitening gel or lotion if oily (better a day cream or lotion that has a sun protection SPF not less than 40 during the day hours).
4) At night & after the cleaning step, use a whitening concentrate or serum to go then to sleep, repeat the steps then the next day (Warning; DON'T EVER EVER use a serum or concentrate when exposure to sun, this will destroy the skin:blob_fire ).

And FINALLY as I mentioned for someone here on the board, Your diet is the key for a brighter & healthier skin. I'd not recommend to drink a lot of coffee, tea, or eat chocolate, eggplant, & peanuts & its butter.Drink plenty of water & 2 cups of milk at least every day. I believe in the theory that says the white stuff could make u fair, while dark ones could make u dark (just a theory:D ).

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