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[QUOTE=charliecat31]I use mineral foundations and this is what I do - Start with a clean face, then apply whatever moisturizers and eyecream I use. Then apply a primer and then the mineral foundation. This works best for me with the pressed powder or loose powder types.

I think any foundation goes on better if you use a primer. The best one I've found is the least expensive and you can get it just about anywhere. It's going to sound weird, but it's Monistat Chafing Relief Powder/Gel. You can find it over by the other Monistat products or by the Vagisil area of CVS, Wal Mart, Target, Walgreens, etc.. It's less than $7 and contains most of the same ingredients in some of the most expensive primers. It's a silcone base and is meant to be used for chafing (if your legs rub together, etc.). Plus I've found another great use for it, especially this time of year. You know when you wear sandles and they slap up against your foot when you step?:confused: I hate this and one day put a little bit of the Monistat stuff on the heel of my foot and the problem was solved. Just don't put it all over the bottom of your foot or you'll slide right out of you shoes!:dizzy:

Hope this helps you out![/QUOTE]
Thanks for the tips. That definitely helps. I'll try that. I hate using regular foundations... they've become way too heavy and honestly they don't cover that well.
Plus I fall asleep with my make up on frequently on the weekends so this mineral stuff I just bought should help.

Thanks again.

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