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I think it all depends on the individual product. Overally I like buying the middle-cost items best (like the more expensive things at drugstores or cheaper items at department stores). I will buy generic store brand things for hand soap and things like that, but certain products I want something a little nicer.

For my face wash and moisturizer, I just use Clean & Clear. It's an inexpensive brand but it's worked well for me. I don't have any serious skin issues so it works fine. Maybe if you had a lot of acne or wrinkles or very sensitive skin, then you would want to try something else.

I have bought those $1 eyeshadows and I never like them. Some of them are too sheer to even notice and some crease very easily. I really like any kind of loose powder eyeshadow with a little shimmer in it (the mica makes it not crease). I have a Bare Minerals one and a Loreal one and they both work about the same to me. A lot of the pressed eyeshadows I have used vary.. some are softer when they cost more, but besides that I didn't see any huge difference. Sometimes the colors are better at a department store, and PLUS you can try them.

Mascara I always buy a cheaper brand. I LOVE the new kind I got from Rimmel. It's a lengthening one with lycra in it. I use like 3 coats and my lashes look at least double their length and could probably pass for false lashes (without looking scary). Some cheap brands don't do as much for you and some clump, but some are great! You just have to try them. Maybelline has several good ones too. All of the department store brands I have tried (Dior Show, Benefit Bad Gal Lash, and several more) looked the same as my favorite drugstore brands. And my $5 eyelash curler is amazing.

Foundation and powder can be good to spend more on sometimes. A lot of the really cheap brands (NYC and Wet N Wild) are always out of the colors and some look weird tinted. I really like Covergirl Aquasmooth though and I use mineral powder over it. I haven't found a liquid foundation I really like.. but I do think the expensive ones usually work better for me.

I buy cheap eyeliner.. because I always LOSE it! I just buy a Kohl one so it's soft. It's a pain to sharpen it, but some of the automatic ones don't come out as soft and some of the non-Kohl pencils can be scratchy or not come out as nicely. I also have the Rimmel Kohl eyeliner and like it a lot (cheap too!). I've heard good things about MAC eyeliner but I figure why spend more if I find a good product for cheap.

For blush I have this one Benefit kind that I spend $18 on.. and it's totally worth it to me. The reason why is that it's a sheer lilac color (doesn't come out purple though) and it's beautiful. I can't find any drugstore brand that even carries that color. I have found blush that I liked fine in a drugstore, but I love this color that Benefit has!

Lipsticks.. I only use one kind! Maybelline Wet Shine.. it's very smooth and I just love it. I have a couple of colors I have and I have several stocked up of each. I wear different lipglosses too. I have a few kinds from Sephora that I really liked too. I just don't like to spend over $20 on them b/c sometimes they can get lost. Some cheap brands can be really sticky or gross feeling and I hate that. I like how Sephora has them out for you to try first. Cargo lipglosses are really smooth and they have great colors!

OK that was really long... but I think it all varies and you have to see what works for you skin and your features. I have some friends who swear by Chanel and spend hundreds on their makeup. I guess I vary.. I'll spend more on a certain product and less on others. I think it's good to spend less on "fun" extra products like colorful eyeliners and stuff unless you are going to wear it often or you just LOVE the product. Foundations/powders/concealers are harder to find (the right shade, one that works for your skin) so I'd say those are worth spending more on!

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