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[QUOTE=Shogirl]My natural color before it went gray was a dark ash blonde color. For years I had it weaved but now it's pretty much all gray.

I'll try your suggestions and see if it works. Someone told me once someone is so gray they have to go with darker shades, I hope that's not true, I like it a honey blonde color.

Someone told me to use 10 volume instead of 20 volume also, what do you think or know about this?:confused:[/QUOTE]

No, you are in luck, if you are more gray. :p Use 20 volume, you'll get more penetration of the color. 10 volume is mostly for deposit only, as in a semi-permanent colors.

Spend a bit of time checking out the colors, there are a lot of them, get the shade you want. Usually pick one shade a tad lighter than you want; or.....mix the one you like on the box 1/2 and 1/2 with one shade lighter. I believe you use 2 parts developer to 1 part color. Be sure and check. Honey blonde seems to be a warm tone; stay away from the ash family. You don't want to end up "greyish".

One good thing about color, you can aways go a bit darker if you are too light, but it's harder to lighten up once you are too dark.

Trust me, I am a former hairdresser. ;) Good luck.

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