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[QUOTE=dustbegone]Since you've been getting this done for awhile now, I'd like to ask you a bunch of other questions if you don't mind....

What color were you lashes to begin with? and what color are they when you are done? [/QUOTE]
My color was dark brown, I have them dyed black. I'd go with black unless you are very blond, in which case I'd choose dark brown.
How is the dying/tinting done? And how long does it take?[/QUOTE]
My stylist uses a two step procedure. First the primer or color stay, whatever it's called, then the color itself. It takes less the 5 minutes.
You get it done once a month. Is that when the color starts fading?[/QUOTE]
I've gone as long as 5 weeks and still had color. I find the dark brown fades a little faster then the black. But I find this stuff holds up better then hair color!!! I just have it done when I get my hair trimmed. I could probaby go 6 weeks if I wanted to. But I like to keep that "pop" around my eyes.
Can you still use makeup removing cleansers or will that make the color fade faster?[/QUOTE]
I use cleansers to remove my eyeliner every night and clean my face every morning. I've noticed no problems or fading, but again I always used black mascara so I have continued to tint in black.

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