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Re: Mineral Make-up
Oct 18, 2006
[QUOTE=krs2086]Thanks for all the infomation, I used the pressed mineral powder instead of the loose I make to much of a mess. :confused:

Maybe mine would look better with a good moisterurizier I am still on the search for one since it is close to winter, cause I have oily skin but yet it gets dry at times and when I use stuff for combo skin it only makes my skin worse so any good products to use for that problem would be a great help also since I have never found anything that really helps.[/QUOTE]
The (PF) pressed powder sounds really awful. I read reviews about it, and I hear that the container is horrible to use/carry around because apparently it spills or whatever. Doesn't sound too great.
Plus you get less product yet it costs more than the loose powder.
If you do use PF, you're better off buying the loose powder. You get more, play less, and it's definitely not messy. The container is closed with the sifter lid, plus another lid on top of that (where the brush is attached), and it also had a cover over the brush. I'm sure you know what it looks like if you've seen it.
It's not that messy, you don't even have to be all that careful with it.

But anyway... PF mineral wear doesn't last nearly as long as I wish it would. So now I'm back to using liquid foundations. But since I have some redness around my nose that doesn't seem to completely disappear when I use a foundation, I apply the loose powder over it, and honestly it looks great... makes my skin look *almost* flawless. I guess this mineral foundations is probably best used over liquids. Liquids stay on all day long, and don't sink into my pores like the mineral stuff does.
Despite the fact that I now have to work even harder at keeping my pores clean, using liquids is worth it if it's going to look better and last longer (large pores are a b**** to cover up).

As far as moisturizers go, Oil of Olay is the best. I've used a couple of different ones and really like them. They're not greasy as long as you don't use too much.
I've also used Clean&Clear Morning Glow. It works okay... isn't too greasy and gets absorbed quickly, but I'm not too fond of the scent. It's supposed to be orange scented (that's what it seems like to me)... but it smells odd, kind of like old makeup products that should be thrown in the trash. That's the only thing I don't like about it... but the smell disappears quickly so I guess that's not a huge issue.

If you're going to use PF mineral wear over a moisturizer, make sure the moisturizer is absorbed really well otherwise the powder will stick to the moist areas and look really caked on. That's what I dislike about it the most. I thought it looked really good when I first started using it, and it does, but only in a certain light. It looks great in my makeup/bathroom mirror, but in natural light you can definitely see where it's caked on and/or flaky. I try to put it on in natural light so I can make sure that it doesn't look awful.

Anyway, whatever you decide to use, good luck with it. Hope it all works out.

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