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I am thinking of buying either the Bare Minerals or the Sheer Cover Mineral make-up. I saw some posts where people had used the bare minerals and loved it.

Has anyone tried the Sheer Cover Mineral make-up? (Leeza Gibbons)
Did you like it?

Have you tried other products in the Bare Minerals or Sheer Cover lines such as eyeshadows and lipsticks?

Is it better to buy the bigger set or buy the small set and buy the other items you want separately?

Thanks for your help! :)
I have the Sheer Cover and I don't like it at all. I find it has a greeny tinge to it. It does not look natural on my face. It does cover well, but there is also a slight shimmer to it that I do not like. It also makes my skin itch. I have been using the Physicians Formula and prefer it over the Sheer Cover.
I have tried BE and really liked it. Covered well, etc. I had someone in a store where they sold it, picked out and put on my face the color I needed. I don't use BE anymore because it has something in it called Bismuth something and it makes you real shiney, some people break out from it too. I found a couple companies when I did a search on mineral makeup; who don't use that stuff in their products. They even sell sample sizes for you to try and see what matches best. I am a firm believer in the mineral makeup though! :)
If you have acne prone skin at ALL, DONT use Bare Escentials, I cannot even explain how horrible it made my acne:mad:
I've used both sheer cover and bare minerals. I used the SC first and am currently using BM. I love the mineral foundation!! The problem I had with sheer cover is that I'm very very fair and even the lightest shade didn't quite match my skintone. The BM seems to match better and I like the convenience of being able to walk into a store to purchase. The mineral veil has a nice shimmer/glow to it. I alsohave extremely acne prone/reddish rosacea looking skin and co-workers and friends have all noticed a difference......

I guess everyone's different though from reading previous posts. I would rec'd buying smallest amount of product first to try. I think SC gives you a free trial offer so you could get your $$$$ back if it doesn't work. Good luck and let us know how it goes for you.
oops! I said bare minerals --- I meant bare escentuals......
I've been using BE for about 4 years now and I love it. I use the foundation, blush, mineral veil, lipsticks, glosses, eye shadows, mascaras. It covers really well, stays on all day, gives you a flawless look, I love the eyeshadows, they seem to last forever. I bought Leeze Gibons makeup and hated it. It made my face itch, didn't cover at all, and didn't last. The concealer that came with her kit thou, is really good.

I recently found Physcian's Formula and am hooked on that now. Its much cheaper, gives great coverage and does stay on most of the day.

There is a company called Everyday Minerals that sells a very good makeup. I ordered the intensive coverage and it really covers. It has no bismuth so it isn't shiny. They'll send samples for just the cost of shipping and are very nice to deal with. And no, I don't work for them :D I'm just a happy customer. PS Their prices are significantly lower than BE.
There are many companies you can buy online from for half the price of BE. If you do a search here you'll find plenty of discussions in which people chime in with the brands they use. I ordered samples from many and ended up going with one called Mineral Basics, mainly because they were so prompt with sending the samples. You can get a set for only $14, but if you do, buy some empty containers because some items come in small containers that are hard to work with.

I actually use the Neutrogena foundation now, but with the containers and brushes I bought from Mineral Basics. The color is better for me, but the packaging is useless.
I see a lot of people on this site really into the mineral make up and I just dont get it. I have tried a few brands and I dont get the coverage I want and it's messy.

For me I just prefer to stick woth my MAC studio fix for a flawless complextion.
Lately I've been using the L'oreal version of the mineral makeup... I like it, and it doesn't feel cakey (like I thought it would).
I love Physicians Formula as well!!

The sheer translucent compact powder is great; I use that with a large brush. I also like the multi-shade powder pallete, the bronzer and their mascara Ė itís lush brown with swirls of bronze.

There is nothing like it. I hate foundations and anything cakey; with PF, I feel like I wear nothing. I havenít tried Bare Minerals, but it sounds like a more expensive version of PF (which works perfectly for me anyway). It makes my skin glowy and healthy, never shiny.... I urge everyone to try PF, it's so cheap, you won't regret it.
I've used both BE and Sheer Cover and neither worked for me. Both made my skin itchy and I didn't find a good color match. I do know people that use either and like them. It is just a matter of personal preference.

I use EDM and Monave mineral makeup. They both work for me.

Good luck in your search!
I'm glad to see that I am not crazy: The BE, and the Loreal mineral makeups made my face itch, and my 9 year old son kept telling me my face looked "loose". He doesn't tell me that when I wear liquid foundation. Also, the brushes from BE are nice, but I DID have little hairs come out, which is not good when you wear contacts!
I like and use Sheer Cover!

I have used BE for over a year now and I think its amazing. I was originally hooked on Mac, and I have acne prone skin and Mac made my skin awful. BE has actually cleared my skin, it looks great now. And the look is so natural not cakey at all. Alot of people dont even think I am wearing make up.

There is a technique to applying it and you have to make sure you use very little. Little goes a long way.

It made by skin itch like crazy when I first starting using it, I was really upset as I loved the coverage. But I have now worked out that it was having a dry face that caused the itchiness, need to make sure you moisturise before you apply the foudation.

I did make overs for both my sisters and my mum and got them hooked on it also!!

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