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Haircolor Remover
Nov 14, 2006
I've been dyeing my hair all sorts of different shades and colors since I was 14.
Now I'm really sick of dying my hair and want it to go back to its natural color, and I've been trying for over a year, it just doesn't work. I have very long hair, halfway down my back, and to try to grow out my natural color would take years. I really don't want to walk around looking trashy with 8 inch roots or something. I attempted to grow it out once and it just looked so awful I had to dye it.

My natural color is a [I]very[/I] ashy light brown. My boyfriend jokes about my hair being gray, but in reality it kinda does look gray.
The particular shade is almost impossible to match. I've recently been dyeing my hair medium/light ash brown to try and get it as close to my natural as possible, but it doesn't work at all. Last time I dyed it, the color turned out a dark chocolate brown (which always happens), and eventually faded to a medium "golden" brown.
It's just really awful since over time it always fades to this horrific shade of copper and nothing seems to eliminate it. For whatever reason all the red hues are impossible to wash out. I've dyed (not bleached) my hair blonde and burgundy before, that's probably why it tends to come out copper now.
I guess you get what you pay for since I've always used cheap box dyes.

I was thinking about getting it professionally restored to my natural color, if that's even possible. But I know it would probably cost like around $100 or something, and I'm a college student, I simply can't afford something like that.
I've also thought about buying a hair dye remover, but I know those can be very tricky. My sister bought one from a drugstore once, and it basically bleached her hair to a bright yellow-orange. That's the last thing I want.

I was looking at different products they have at Sally Beauty Supply stores (I just recently discovered this store right by where I live). I noticed that they have a bunch of different hairdye removers. Only a couple of them are for permanent hairdye though (which is what I need).
Should I bother getting one of those and try to restore the color myself, or would that be a huge waste?
I don't know how to use such products, how they work, and whether or not they would cause damage? (that's the last thing I need)

I appreciate any suggestions you guys have. It would be great if you could recommend ANYTHING. If there is no way to restore my natural color, I'd appreciate any suggestions on what to do next, or which dye to dye it with now that will hopefully match my natural (something that's not overly expensive). I'm kind of desperate at this point because I really hate my hair color and can't afford to get it fixed professionally.:rolleyes:

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