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Asprin and aloe vera is the bomb. Take a few uncoated asprin and coat them with aloe until they soften into a paste. First use it as a scrub, then let it sit as a mask. Best exfoliater I've ever used. Use it once or twice a week.
Olive oil with vitamin E makes a wonderful moisturizer and eye oil. I use it twice a day.
Get both lavender and rosemary essential oils, combine a drop of each in your hand, rub your hands together and run them through your dry hair for beautiful shine.
Exfoliate with a lofa everytime you bath or shower then, while still wet, rub down with an oil like neutrogena, or better still make one of your own, then pat dry. You will lock the moisture into your skin.
Once a day, when you are brushing your teeth, brush your lips too. Use lipgloss, in winter, instead of lipstick as it is very drying.
Never show the sun an inch of skin that doesn't have sunscreen on it. SPF 15 at least.
Pumice stone for your feet.
Celluite can be handled naturally with a techinque call Lyposage. It is a type of massage that is proven to reduce localized fat and celluite, it also helps tighten skin. Unfortunately it does not fall into your category of being cheap. It is, in fact, quite expensive but 100% natural and a non-invasive form of body sculpting.

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