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Has anyone tried this? Does it work for you? What brand of conditioner do you use? Can I use Avalon Lemon Verbena Conditioner?
Tried this? Washing your hair maybe? only with conditioner? If that's the case, yes, I started last February using conditioner only on a daily basis but only washing my hair with shampoo once or twice a week. It hasn't mattered what brand I used, but I prefer a humectant that is for dry and damaged hair. My hair is SO much healthier!
is your hair oily everyday? do you CO wash everyday?
I THOUGHT it would be yucky if I only rinsed and conditiobed every day because I always went for that squeaky clean feeling. HOWEVER, my hair has been so dry and flyaway for years that I decided I'd better do something different. It can feel dirty by the next morning, but just rinsing and conditioning makes it all better for another day. Dunno why -- flies in the face of my previous reasoning, but it's been working... Whoduhthunk!!
This is great advice! I never really thought of doing that (washing just with conditioner)... I am definitely going to try it!! Thanks for the suggestions :)

You should do a google search. So many people have had success with conditioner only washing. The key is to use a non silcone conditioner. If you need to know some drugstore recs..let me know. And you have to scrub scrub scrub hard.
It's not a very good idea to scrub you hair when it's wet... that's the worst time to do it since hair is very vulnerable to damage when wet. You have to be gentle with it otherwise you'll create damage. I learned the hard way.
Well, it's the scalp you're scrubbing...
Now I'm confused... Isn't silicone supposed to be good, supposed to fill in the "gaps" in your cuticles so that your hair is shinier? So why use a conditioner without it?

Can you recommend soem specific brand conditioners that are good for this? Also.. I do have color-treated (red) hair.. so I try to mainly just used products that are specifically for that..

Thanks again for all the advice!
Okay, I am looking on another website, and they are recommending that you use cheaper conditioners (like Suave) for this process. Do you guys agree? And why is that?
I don't know why they would be better, but I like Suave much better than Pantene or others like it. Maybe because Suave tries to imitate the salon brands like Nexxus?
I tried it yesterday morning and found my head felt kinda itchy after about 5:00 but my hair didn't look half bad. I thought since I wasn't going anywhere yesterday that I'd give it a try. I have an extremely oily scalp so I think that anyone that's not so oily would be able to do this without feeling like you hair is dirty. I don't think I'll be doing this anymore...I'm just way too oily.
I couldn't do it. I have long hair that is only washed every 4 days--reason being it doesn't look bad and I don't like to strip the color I love and pay a fortune for. By the 4th day it needs a good cleansing.

I've found my scalp gets used to being washed too much and produces more oil to compensate, thereby actually needing to be washed that often.
I read an article by John Frieda talking about silicone. He said that many brands use a cheap silicone with bigger molecules that can make the hair feel dry and waxy with buildup, but if the silicone is good quality, it is not bad for the hair. Of course he is claiming that his own products are good quality, but who knows about the rest! I guess you just have to try and test it out yourself. Some things work for some people better than others anyway!

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