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I only wash once a day too, at night because I have to remove my makeup. I used to use a gentle soap(Dove sensitive) and water but I discovered those makeup remover clothes by Equate(the Ponds knock-off) and they are great. Have to use an eye make up remover for waterproof mascara though first. I hated washing with water because of the messy splashing of water all over the sink and down my arms so I tried the clothes and they remove all my face makeup like a charm! *gives a thumbs up* Then in the morning I just shower with plain water on my face. I have lately been putting vaseline under my eyes and the retinol cream from Vitamin World on my face but I probably won't buy that brand next time because it has a lot of fragrance in it that I don't like to smell all night! It's not stinky but I'd rather Fr. Free!

I've never really been too into a long drawn out face regimen but I used to always use a toner after washing in the evening and the morning but it only makes my face feel drier. So many acne regimens out there just aggravate the situation. When I went to a derm years and years ago (a very good one I might add) he made me use Ivory ONLY for washing. He told me to take Zinc and Vitamin A which helped a LOT! I remember using a Prescription toner but that was all he gave me and I cleared up...oh and his advice of "don't put your hands on your face unless you just have to". He also told me to avoid fried foods.

I am 44 and I have ZERO wrinkles but part of that is hereditary, my Mom's in her mid 80s and doesn't have wrinkles to speak of. She never uses anything but plain old soap too but she doesn't wear any makeup except lipstick. The only "moisurizer" that she ever uses is Olive Oil and that's only just occasionally if she's feeling particularly dry. The reason she uses Olive Oil is that a doctor once told her that Olive Oil was great for your skin.

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