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So I have noticed that in pictures my face looks somewhat oily..theres always a sort of glare (sort of like im sweating a bit) on my face. The thing is, before I go out and when I look into the mirror it doesn't really look that oily! Sometimes it does a bit..what can I do for this? Is there a wash, some sort of pads to cleanse my face with..or any tips? I hate looking greasy in pictures! argh!
Those Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets ARE pretty good to have for oil or combo skin. They work better than blotting papers in my opinion. I used to have very oily skin and used to ALWAYS carry them around with me. There is a blue blotting powder also but I didn't like it at all.

I would also recommend to carry along a pressed powder for touchups.. sometimes even just a slightly dewy face that doesn't look oily can look oily in pictures. It's usually because of the flash or the lighting. I find that when I don't use the flash on my camera, I never get the oily look on my face. I totally know how that is though b/c it happens to me too and my skin is normal now.

There are also mattifying lotions, along with toner, as suggested.. but it sounds like you are only worried about it for the pictures. I would try touching up the powder definitely and using the sheets if you think you would need it for that! Good luck!

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