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This isn't probably what advise you were looking for but pretty much, nature gives you the best hair color to match your skin color and coloring...although everyone does it...usually isn't as flattering as your natural color. I don't think that we see ourselves as others for instance, my sister is convinced that she looks a million time better as a blonde but everyone else in the family (talking behind her back...hehe!) thinks it looks terrible on her and her natural color is GREAT!!!!!(What does she see in the mirror?) Another thing to do to tone down ruddy skin is your foundation and makeup in general. Although it's probably not as popular as it once used to be, that color me beautiful concept is dead on! It's just kinda hard for us to judge our own coloring for some weird reason. I am very golden and the colors for winter and summer look pathetic on me! I haven't really determined if I'm Spring or Fall but definitely the warm colors are best but I tend to look better in the dark side of colors and I avoid light patels for most likely I'm Fall. That might be fun to look into. I guess my point is it may not me your hair that's the problem!

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