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Re: Eyebrows
Feb 2, 2007
First of all, I definitely recommend angled tweezers, too. I think they are easier to work with. I love the Tweezerman brand - pricey, but really well made and SHARP! (plus you get free, lifetime sharpening) I use a little 10X mirror so I can really see what I'm doing and swipe a mild astringent over the skin after plucking to minimize redness.

Also, I find it definitely helps to keep the area well exfoliated. For me, chemical exfoliants make the under-the-eyebrow skin too dry, so I use a teeny bit of scrub a couple of times a week. Just don't get it in your eyes!

I never understood the point of going to a pro for eyebrows until a friend strongarmed me into visiting her esthetician for that purpose. It's a nice salon and I can't afford to go on a regular basis (about $30 per visit), but I do it about twice a year and find that is enough to keep me in pretty good shape the rest of the year on my own. If you do decide to go see a pro, just make sure you're clear about what you want or don't want. Take magazine pictures with you, like people say we should do for haircuts.

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