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I just got my order from Everyday Minerals. I'm not sure if I like the foundation but that's probably 'cos I never wear any. As I'm getting older, I find that my skin looks like crap and it will probably benefit from some coverage. I wondered if anyone used the "Intensive" and if that means that it's really "thick", I tried putting it on this morning, very little at a time but it still feels thick on my skin. Must be inexperience with foundation in general.

on another topic, a word of warning for MAC lovers. I too was a MAC girl for about 3 yrs, then I noticed my skin was getting very very sensitive and got big pores on my cheek bones which had never shown before. I went to an esthetician to see what was up and she asked if I was using "MAC" makeup (??) she said that unfortunately MAC is extremely comodogenic (clogs pores) and very harsh on (specifically) sensitive skin, I stopped using the blushes and after about 4 months I've noticed my skin is less irritated. But just wanted you all sensitive gals to know, cos it's a bummer when we think we're buying a product that's good for your skin and it turns out to be damaging. I guess that goes to show that price does NOT equals quality.
I pruchased the L'Oreal BE this past weekend and I have really mixed results. What I found was that the coverage was a lot more than I wanted. I don't wear liquid foundation ever, just pressed powder. The BE was just too much for me. However, I must say from a distance of about 2+ feet away, my face looked flawless. I did tend to still get shiny/oily so over time I looked like I needed to touch it up with some powder, but wow did I look flawless. At first glance and from a few feet away the first thing my BF said to me was that I looked much less tired than I normally do. And photos taken that night are just immaculate. I've never looked that good in photos. Not a single old acne scar is showing at all. However, I noticed that close-up it looked kind of caked on. Looked like I did a poor job of blending a liquid foundation. Didn't look good at all. I was disappointed with that aspect of it. And when I say I put this stuff on SO lightly and blended it til the cows came home, I'm not joking. I really felt like there was nothing on that brush, but it sure showed up on my face.

I do like how it kept my other makeup in place--blush, eyeshadow, etc.

I think it will be my very special occassion makeup. Not for everyday though.

Did anyone else have similar results? Is this just a Loreal thing, or do most of the mineral powders do this?
[QUOTE=Busygirl]I am thinking of buying either the Bare Minerals or the Sheer Cover Mineral make-up. I saw some posts where people had used the bare minerals and loved it.

Has anyone tried the Sheer Cover Mineral make-up? (Leeza Gibbons)
Did you like it?

Have you tried other products in the Bare Minerals or Sheer Cover lines such as eyeshadows and lipsticks?

Is it better to buy the bigger set or buy the small set and buy the other items you want separately?

Thanks for your help! :)[/QUOTE]

I'm a Bare Minerals fan! Since I keep my make-up to a minimun, I only use their foundation and their "well rested" (for under eye circles and as a base for eyeshadow) -- A little goes a long way. =)
Bare Minerals defentily...That is what I am currently using and after using BM, I would not use anything else. The only problem is it is very pricey.
Hope this helps,
I have acne prone skin and I have been using Physicians Formula mineral make-up and it has really improved my skin tone seems more even and I haven't had nearly as many breakouts and you can get it at your local drugstore.
Good luck!
I am 39 years old and use BE I have been using it for about two years. I love it it has a natural SPF of at least 15. I have had skin cancer so that is important to me.
The other day a lady at work thought I was in my early 20's she said my skin was so smooth and beautiful. I was thrilled I have had hormonal acne all my life and to say I have smooth skin is quite a big deal to me. It must have been my BE make up.
I use Bare Minerals and really like the coverage and the natural appearance. I don't have the "shiny" problem some have mentioned. However, by the end of a long day, or in the heat, it really makes me itch... especially around my eyelids and eyebrows where I've used additional layers of shadows, brow coverage or "Bisque" as a concealer base. QVC often has special value starter kits for a very reasonable price, all of which include a foundation and brush among the items... usually for around $25. They also have a full money back guarantee if you don't like it.
I have pretty red skin on my face, and whenever I put liquid foundation on, it still shows through!!! I was using BE for a while, but it wasn't much coverage for me. I'm thinking of going back though since it says it evens out tone and reduces breakouts. What can I do to get rid of the redness? I use Avenno foam face wash, designed for redness, and exfoliate once a week. I also use Aveeno redness moisturizer with spf. My face is really red, but my skin only has a slight pink tint to it, so I know something is wrong. If I can incorperate something else in with the BE, maybe I can even out my skin tone to look decent. HELP
I was diagnosed with rosecea and at time my cheeks and forehead can be very red. At those times I apply BE foundation a bit heavier and rely heavily on the Mineral View. I find that all my redness is covered. I have 2 shades of foundation and sometimes layer the lighter foundation under the darker shade for max coverage. Make sure you buff it well into your skin and follow with a dusting of the MV.

I think I'm going out to get Physician's Formula. It's 40% off at Walgreens, and I think thats a great deal! FYI to PF users....

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