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Re: Damaged Hair
Feb 8, 2007
I have the same issue going on since I used to dye my hair like almost every month with permanent dyes. I didn't straighten it everyday or anything like that, but I did do that occasionally, and I was so shocked to how much damage the straigthening caused. I always use heat protectants (two different ones) and other products to prevent my hair from breakage and split ends when blowdrying/straightening/curling... but once your hair is damaged, those things stop working. (Disappointing)

I was told that my cuticle is probably super weak and that I should use a protein treatment (Redken Extreme Deep Fuel specifically). So I bought that with the Extreme shampoo and conditioner.
The Deep Fuel helped out [B]a lot[/B], but than again it's not a miracle product. My hair is really weak still and I get split ends and breakage, but it's not as bad as it used to be. The shampoo and conditioner don't really make much difference if you ask me. You can probably use any other shampoo and a deep conditioner and it will probably work just fine. I don't think shampoos can really save hair, the protein treatments do work though.

If you have a lot of breakage and split ends I suggest you cut it off. (I had to and that eliminated some of the damage.) I know cutting hair is probably something you don't want to do, but it has to be done if you want healthy hair to keep growing, otherwise it will just keep breaking off on its own.

There are a few vitamins you can use to help hair growth, but I personally wouldn't use them since I heard that they help boost hair growth all over the place (not just your head).
I figure a healthy diet is better than any vitamin out there.

So basically you should just get a protein treatment (I don't know whether it matters which kind you get since they do have different ones at Sally's. I just happen to use the Redken since people recommended it to me.)
And use a deep conditioner also. So far I don't know of any good ones that I use myself, but my sister uses the Aussie Deeeeeeep 3 minute conditioner which is really cheap and she says it works wonders. You could always try that. I've been wanting to, but I have so much conditioner lying around I don't know what to do with all of it, haha.

Anyway, good luck. Hope you find something that works for you.

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