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My preference for haircolor for myself is either a really beautiful deep brown color or a really bright nice blonde color...and brown didnt work out for me so Im going for blonde....this time platinum:eek:

Im sorry to tell my hair's life story but...Ive always been some shade of blonde, but its always been highlighted over and over to get that way. I was naturally blonde young but my hair keeps getting darker as I get older. So now I guess my hair would be considered a dark blonde or light ashe brown color. Whatever it is I hate it and want something different. Ive never liked the platinum blonde look until just recently, I dont know why.

I want to try it out but am afraid that its going to be a really ugly yellowish color and Im trying to acheive a color like for example...the recent christina aguilara, anna nicole, or the girls next door (Holly and Kendra). Well you know what Im talking about.

So, how to you get your hair to that perfect tone and how do you upkeep it as far as touching up roots or perhaps toning. I prefer to do it myself and I want to know if its going to take two boxes of dye and what brand and what shade? Thank you...
I dye my brown hair platinum myself and I do the roots every 4 or 5 weeks. The color lifts so quickly with the kit I use that it's barely a 15 minute job. Definitely easier NOT to do it, but it's not too tough :) Though I am thinking of going darker again...I like to change it up from time to time!

If you plan on doing it your self: If your hair is dark, do NOT buy a box color and expect it to make you Marilyn Monroe, will turn you orange, those dyes usually cannot lift dark hair. Go to a professional beauty supply store and get a High Lift blonde shade designed specifically for brunettes (they will specify this on the box) and a 20 or 30 developer. If it still turns out a little brassy, a toner can easily fix that, also found in the beauty supply store.
sounds like we are in the same situation. Here is a little background on my hair: when I was younger it was really blonde and has darkened over the years. It is now also a dirty blonde/ashy brown color naturally. I am 24. In the summer I like to go super blonde. I've been dying it myself since 18. I use clairol's born blonde and either a cap or foil (depending on how many highlights i need at the time). I dont think born blonde comes in shades, it just lightens your hair. Depending on the time of year, I leave it on anywhere from 15 min to 1 hr. It WILL look orange....this is why you need to also purchase the "born blonde toner". I get it at sally's. This is purple and will get rid of the brassyness. I like the "wheat" color to get the platinum look. My main advice is: never ever dye your whole head...always do highlights...I don't care how blonde you want it. If you do highlights - even if you do a lot, your roots will look natural. People comment..."wow, the sun really has lightened your hair this summer." the sun? yeah right. I like to have think I have perfected dying my hair does anyone have advice on dying it a dark brown? I have tried before and it never turns out well. Has anyone dyed brown over this bleached hair?? Mine always looks gray! I would love to be medium/dark brown in the winter and plantinum in the summer? It seems like I'm always just different shades of blonde....I've also thought about going red in the fall/winter, but this frightens me.
Well, I have tried to dye my hair from blonde to dark brown before and the only advice I have about that is dye it a medium brown color first to make sure its not too dark for you then recolor it again with same color if you like it or make it darker if you want. Either way it will take at least two coats to get it a solid color with storebought stuff. I had blotchy spots after I tried it once before I re-dyed it.

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