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I agree, definitely try stripping the color with a clarifying shampoo. I used to dye my own hair (a lot) with permanent dyes, and even then it would fade rather quickly.
Last time I dyed it a medium ash brown, it turned out almost black (probably very similar to yours), and after a couple of weeks it washed out to a coppery brown (which is what it is now, and though I hate it I've learned to live with it since I'm trying to get it back to my natural color).

Anyway, I've been using Nexxus Aloe Rid clarifying shampoo recently (only once a month) and it's stripped a lot of the red out of my hair. Every time I wash my hair with it, it gets significantly lighter even though I haven't dyed it in almost a year.
[A girl once asked me who does my hair since every time she sees me it looks different. So obviously the shampoo is working.]
You should definitely try that, I'm confident that it will make a huge difference.

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