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The same thing happened to me in November. I decided that I was tired of going in the salon for color, so I decided to use Nice and Easy in 1 shade darker than my light brown. I got what I thought was black. After trying for a month to fade out the color by washing alone, I decided to go to a salon for a color correction. That resulted in my hair going from the darkest brown to a bright copper/orange. The stylist then put on a toner that darkened the orange right back to the shade I went in with - again very dark brown ($150 waste of money). I finally went back into a different salon last week and the stylist there recommended full foils in a caramel brown. The result is fantastic with an overall result of a light/medium brown with golden highlights (another $150). So, I ended up spending $300 to get my hair back where I wanted it.

I recommend foils to lighten. They can bleach out the dark color instead of trying to remove it.
I was a hairdresser for 20 years, and specialized in color correction. If your hair is permed, the permed area will definitely fade out with time. I wouldn't recommend having the salon try to lighten up all of the color, because it will most likely dry your hair out and leave reddish/brassy tones. A couple things you could try:

Wash your hair with a mixture of baking soda and shampoo, leave lather in a couple minutes and rinse. Condition with a deep conditioner.

One of the things people don't like about dark hair is it doesn't reflect the light and look shiny. Try using a hair polisher to make your hair real shiny, like Rusk Sheer Brilliance.

Like the other poster said, use a tanning creme to help you feel not so pale faced

If all else fails, have a hairdresser put in a few lighter pieces of brown, don't have them try to lighten the whole thing.

Good Luck!

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