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I have Milia which I think is a build up of oils that get trapped under the skin.I have pricked them before and squeezed out the white,hard little pimples but I don't want to scar my skin.
How has other people got rid of them? I have a couple now and get them quite frequently.I do wash my face every morning and night and then moisturize as my face is on the dry side.I am 49 years old and it is not a pimple problem.
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You know...Ive been wondering if I have a milia problem, I get these hard small beads (hardeneed sebum perhaps?)that fall or get picked out of my pores that seem to stick out from my skin, especially on my upper arms. Is that what milia is?
I am not sure if its the same thing, but I used to get hard bumps on my face, in the end I found out it was from my face wash and moisturiser that both contained salicylic acid. A couple of weeks after I stopped using salicylic acid they went away and have never come back! The same thing happened to my sister and she happened to have started using a face wash with salicylic acid and they went away once she stopped. Just an idea if you are using anything that contains salicylic acid.
I've had these on my face and they would not go away no matter what I did. So I ended up going to my dermatologist and they removed them. It didn't hurt. She just sorta scraped them off, mine were around my eye area. I had changed eye makeup remover to one with oil and voila little white bumps --- ughhh. I would say not to pick at them b/c you don't want to leave scars but go to your dermatologist. Good luck!!
Try getting a facial. Your facialist will look at your skin under an enormous magnifying glass and offer many helpful suggestions and you'll look fabulous afterward. A good strong flower acid mask might solve the problem for you. They are extremely clarifying and make you look a lot younger. Also, if it's still necessary, she has the tools to remove anything along those lines, without causing scaring. I do so LOVE my facials.
Are you using filler? Because it will sometimes migrate and turn into what looks and act's like Milia.
I have also heard that a salt peel will do it besides the fruit acid thing. However, I don't like to get sucked into paying for something that sounds all well and good but my whole face doesn't need it and it ends up being more for the clinic to make $ than anything. Plus, if your skin looks otherwise fine but is on the sensitive side like mine, it could be kind of irritating.

I have one bump like this kind of in the jaw area and very slight ones in the area where you get circles under your eyes. So I would rather those just be treated directly and removed.

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