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Sometimes certain moisturizers make my eyes sting. I've been using Nivea products. Nivea visage with Q10 night cream and day cream. I rub it all over my face and over my eyes and no burning or stinging. I don't have problems with eye make up. I use Maybeline cool effects shadow liner. I love it. It feels nice and soothing on my lids. Hope this helps.
Hi there,
I'm super sensitive in the eyes too. Revlon products seem to be okay for the most part, and I uses Maybelline mascara (Sky High Curves) without any problems. Almost all eye makeup removers burn my eyes - the ones that hurt the least seem to be Physicians Formula in the little blue bottle, and Nivea Visage... but that one is hard to find these days.

I use Clinique Anti Gravity eye cream, seems to be okay.

In general - makup that I can use without problems:

Clinique (shadows, pencils)
Estee Lauder (shadows)
Revlon (Shadows, Foundation, concealers)
Milani (shadows)
Maybelline (mascara - had a problem with their new shadow formulation)
Almay ( foundations, mascara, shadows, pencils)

HOpe that helps!

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