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I totally understand - I am 22 and still get pimples and have relaly oily skin, it sucks I know! Make sure that you use oil free, non comedigenic makeup and wash it off everynight. Have you seen a dr for youe acne, they might be able to help, everyone's skin is so different, so you just kinda have to try some things and see what works! I know dr's and precriptions are expensive but maybe its worth it - i mean its a real self esteem problem that affects everything, some days I just dont even want to go out, even with makeup because my skin is broken out so bad, so dont feel alone, even though it sucks, and it will get better, just do the common sense things!

As for puffy eyes I think all the stuff out there does not relaly work, but if its allergies, then eye drops will help, ask your dr for somehting like Patanol.

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