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My family has always fluctuated between having 10 lbs gain and lost. My aunts and unlces grandma grandpa all had and have very saggy skin. My grandmother was as skinny as a rail around a size 4 her whole life and she was the saggiest of them all. More saggy than the ones with meat on them. Her face was in a bad way bless her heart. They don't smoke some do drink but never went to clubs or got drunk. We had a few black sheep that did tend to the wilds way but the majority of the family is hard core Babtist and Mormon and the rest are and were Jehovah's Witness.

The faces in my family are just plain saggy with turkey waddles for necks. I'm so not looking forward to getting old. Maybe by then they will have improved the Threadlift and /or contour Thread procedure and I won't have to get cut on. :D

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