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[QUOTE=anxiety27;2938323]Hi Joe, can I ask a persoal question about mole removals. .I am looking to remove one on my face also this summer and am now a bit more aprehensive. 1. Does it hurt. How do they do it, in order please, spare no details.. and
2. What did your plastic surgen charge you? (if you don't mind telling me) I want to use a plastic surgen as well, but my insurance will not pay since its cosmetic.
Thank you in advance[/QUOTE]

Hi anxiety27, well, firstly, it does not hurt at all because you are given local anesthetic (the anesthetic needle will just sting slightly-not much). there are few methods of mole removal. (1) excision- where they cut out the mole and stitch it up using very tiny sutures. (2) burning the mole off - they use an instrument to burn the mole off and healing takes place naturally. don't recommend this techniques cos the mole may come back if it has roots and u are likely to have a scar which may look worse than mole itself. scar is likely to look like a slight circular crater (3) shave method - this is where they shave the mole off (if it is protruding) to skin level and cauterise the area to stop bleeding (again, mole can return if has roots) Scarring is expected but not as much as method 2. I had my moles removed in britain, it cost me 500 to have 2 removed (if it's for cosmetic u will have to pay). Please rememember, there is going to be a scar whichever method is used. if you have light skin compared to dark, the scarring appears less (so am told). If u do decide to go ahead,go to a respected, well known plastic/cosmetic surgeon. Mine was recommnded by someone from a respected mole clinic in britain and, even though initially i was upset, i know he did the best possible job in terms of least scarring possibe. My scars do appear to be gradually fading and feeling better by the week. If u do decide to go ahead, in my opinion, have them excised and stitched up becasue the scarring looks better, finer, compared to the other methods which is likely to have an oval shaped scar which will be slightly indented which in my opinion is not asthetically pleasing compared to a thin white line which hopefully, fingers crossed, my scars will turn into. Also, sorry to go on!, the healing process is going to take a while which u need to be prepared for (I wasn't!). regards. hope info was helpful. If not, apologies.

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