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I really like it so far. Ive heard from reviews from people who've used BE thats its the same or even better because BE made them itch and I guess this one didnt. Theres four types of finish you can choose from and a very nice selection of colors. Theres Original Glo, Intense, Semi-matte and Matte. I highly recommend experimenting with the different formulas to find what works for you, the sample set is only 3.67 for shipping (for where I live) and you can choose 3 types of foundations, one concealer and one blush or face color. Plus, they say the samples will last about 3 applications..but I dont use very much and its lasted me way more than 3. Ive found the best way to use the samples is to lay a tissue or square of TP down on the counter and sprinkle a little on it, then take your brush to pick up the product and kind of blot it around to evenly distribute it.

Ive tried all finishes but Matte, which I thought would make me too matte but since its way warmer (I live in the north) my skin is getting oily (I just now changed my moisturizer which I shouldve done earlier) so the original glo was bad on me for oiliness...although good coverage. . I might have to order my 4th sample set to get the matte for the summer. So far I think the Intense has more coverage than the semi-matte. I might be able to still use the semi-matte since I now changed my moisturizer (my skin is oily with or w/out makeup so its not the makeup thats causing it). They have descriptions on their website for which formula to use with your skin type.

So it might take a sample or two to find whats good for you...I would first try finding the right color first...then find the right finish. Oh and maybe get one shade lighter than you think you might be...I thougt by looking at "light" that it would make me look like a ghost but its actually a perfect fit! I wish they had a store you could go to try them all! Good luck!

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