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Re: Be photogenic
May 31, 2007
I have read some articles in magazines about this. If you have a digital camera, I would suggest taking some practice pictures. That way you can see what smile looks best for you, which way to hold your head, and which way to face.

For makeup, they recommend not wearing any colors that are too bright. It's best to wear a little more on the eyes so they don't look too plain in pictures but stick to a more neutral lip color. A little blush or bronzer will keep you from looking pale, but don't overdo it unless you plan on looking like a clown! For eyes don't wear anything too shimmery, maybe just a tiny bit of shimmer. The flash on cameras can make it shine too much. Stick to more neutral colors and blend in some eyeliner to make your eyes more defined. Of course mascara always looks great. You can take practice pictures using different camera settings/flashes to find the makeup that looks best on you. Also, check out your makeup outside.

For clothes, black is usually a flattering color. Definitely don't wear anything TOO too bright. Just try to find a color that works with your skin tone that you feel looks good on you. It's best to stick to classic designs rather than very trendy clothes for big events.

Hope this helps!! I think the best thing you can do it practice taking photos.. it helps me become a bit more photogenic.

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