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One of the big factors in oily or dry skin is the environment. For instance if you live in an area that is humid it can make you have oily skin. The foods you eat is another big one. Hormones can play a big role in oil production as well. Birth control pills can have this affect. There can be many factors for having consistantly oily skin. Heredity is another one. The good news is that you are less prone to wrinkles. Our natural oils can be the best moisturizer.

However, if it is just a hassle and embarrasing for you try new makeup, possibly mineral makeup. I wouldn't try products that dry your face out, such as astringents, just for the sake of not wanting to look like you just dove into a bucket of fried chicken. They may do more harm than good. If you dry your face out too much it can increase the oil production, which may be one of the reasons for your problem.

Keep your face clean, wash at least twice a day and no more than 3, do not use harsh soaps since you need to cleanse your face more often being that you have a lot of oil. Buy soaps that are pure with no additives. Do not rub hard because you can actually clog your pores. One home remedy is 1/2 tsp of cucumber juice and lime juice mixed together and apply about 30 minutes before you shower. I am not sure if that works as I haven't tried it myself.

Just be mindful when you buy your facial care products that they are for oily skin. One important thing is that you wash with very warm water, nearly hot. Hot water dissolves the oil better than just lukewarm water.

I hope this helps you. Good luck.:)

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