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Re: Sunless tanners
Jun 24, 2007
The best one I've tried is Ocean Potion Ever Glow, as suggested by another poster on the self-tanner thread (can't remember the exact title of it, but it should be somewhere on page 2 or 3).
Though it's good because it doesn't stink (smells like orange vanilla), it dries quickly, and produces as natural color as you can get with a self-tanner (still a bit orange though), and the results take a while to achieve.
BUT by the time you get that perfect color (after about 5-7 days), the tanner starts to come off and looks patchy.
It's really a huge pain to deal with. I've realized that you have to exfoliate at least every other day if you want the color to come out even and stay on for a long period of time (usually a couple of weeks), but exfoliating also makes it fade much faster, and you have to apply the lotion on every single day.
I go through a bottle every month... good thing it's only about $4 at WalMart so it's not expensive.

I had to scrub all of it off today and I'm gonna start over tonight, so hopefully by the middle of the week I'll have a decent tan.

Basically, as with every tanner, you have to exfoliate frequently, apply the lotion on daily, and try not to take hot baths/showers because that will definitely strip the color off. I think that's why mine came off in patches this morning. I was horrified when I looked in the mirror... it looked like skin disease or something... but that's because I took a hot shower last night. :rolleyes:

I h ope this helps. Good luck with whichever tanner you decide to try. I hope it works out.

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