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hi muzikgirl, first take a deep breath and calm dowm ok? we are all here to help each other and give advice. im sorry youre going thry this. i know what its like to feel like that around other girls its really horrible and can dent your confidence, but you have to realise youre you and dont give a **** about other people, concentrate on your own life. one good thing is that your boyfriend is not bothered. i posted this the 1st message on this thread and i havnt seen any1 else before me post any messages about facial hair! but im sure lots of girls out there HAVE got it, trust me. id like to ask where youre from, your nationality cos i see it says your from saudia arabia, and i think it is more common for eatern women to have more hair. i dont think this is true tho i just think that western women hair tend to be more lighter and therefore less noticeable. the first thing i would say to you is your periods sound VERY irregular and excessive hair plus irregular periods are symptoms of a hormone imbalance or polycystic ovaries syndrome, this can be treated and u will get cream to reduce and eventually get rid of your hair and its treatable. go to your doctors and ask for a blood test to check your hormone levels cos youre concerned abot your excessive hair, dont be embarrassed im doing mine tommorrow!!
Also my hair on my face is all light except for a few dark ones on my upper lip. light hairs cannot be treated with laser surgery or electrolysis:( but electroylsis and laser works extremely well on dark hairs so you CAN get rid of your hair if it bothers you that much , it is NOT impossible ok? it may be expensive but there are ways clinics can help you with costs and you can pay monthly and spread the cost. there are options out there, it is not an unsolvable problem, please try and be positive! i hate pimples, i eax my upper lip and chin and the red pimples are gtting more noticeable and i hate it and find it very embarrasing.many girls wax but i do not see their pimples, maybe we have sensitive skin? i think you should also ask your doctor about the spots on your back, this is probably treatable, if your doctor wont work go to another doctor. sometimes you have to search before you find one you feel comfortable with. in the meantime concentrate on the things that make you happy and enjoy them as much as you can. let us know how you get on! take carex

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