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I LOVE this stuff. I use it when my face is on the verge of breaking out (when it feels all bumpy), usually when I'll all hormonal and such. Usually about once a week I use it, except during stressful times in school and then it just relaxes me.

1. It's not good on dry skin. Because it will leave you feeling a bit dry when you're done.
2. Wonderful for acne.
3. I have sensitive skin and it doesn't bother it. I love the tingling sensation that it does provide.
4. When you go to wash it off, just wet your hands and then wet the masque on your face. It will then wipe of VERY easily with a washcloth or just rinsing.
5. Don't cake it on. It works just as good for me with a thick layer that it does with a thin. I found this out when I was running low and had to ration it out to make it last longer. And the less you use, the easier it washes off.

I'm serious about the washing off thing, though. Don't just go at it with a wet wash cloth. It will come off soooo much easier if you just wet your face with your hands first, kind of smear the water into the masque, and then wipe clean.

It does expose your pores! You can see them dry out as the masque dries up.

The bottle says use 10? 15? I don't now how many minutes, but I just leave it on for however long it takes me to work on homework, watch my favorite program, etc. I never time it out. It doesn't really matter I don't think.

Because it does leave your face feeling a bit dry, don't try smiling or making faces while you have it on your face. I've found this can pull your skin and irritate it a little. Just remain stonefaced... if you can keep from laughing at those in your household whom you shock with your green face. :)

I bought it once at Walmart, one at Target. Have not been able to find it at Walmart since, but am going to look at Walgreen's tomorrow.

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