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okay so i dont have bad acne but i have scars to prove that i use to..

besides using ProActive i use another cream for obvious blemishes.
the cream i use is in a white tube by
[B]Clearasil -ULTRA-[/B] (thats the actualy labeling at the top).
Now the type of cream is: [I][U]Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream[/U][/I]
its in a white tube. if you apply it 3 times a day for 3 days it should have cleared the acne. it dries it out your blemish so you have to be sure you only put it on the pimple, NOT your skin.

okay now what i use for my foundation is [B]Almay Smart Shade Makeup[/B]
it has sun screen in it and it doesnt melt off my face. its very light so therefore it doesnt cover up my scars, but im okay with it cause i rather not where a pound of makeup or come off as this person with the perfect face... cause one day somebody is gunna catch me on my bad day and thats the only thing they will talk about. so in my eyes i may as just accept it and show that it doesnt bother me, ya know?

anyway, this base is light and it wont melt off your face. you mentioned that you were using concealer so you can just continue to use that and cover up your blemishes if you wish and just apply the smartshade over it. whats good about this foundation is it looks completely natural. i love it.

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