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After trying many mineral make up brands, I love Everyday Minerals the best by far! They offer a great sample kit on their site for free (you pay $3.97 shipping) and it's a great way to try it without paying for a kit. Their full size products are a VERY reasonable price. They also have great blush, eyeshadow and concealors and finishing powders. Most products you can also buy in smaller sizes which is a great way to experiement with their line. They also have excellent quality brushes at very good prices. I particullarly like their white Premium Kabuki brush for $12. Provides great coverage, soft, full of bristles and doesn't shed. Their customer service is also some of the best!

EDM offers different versions of their foundations so you can get the finish you want. I don't like the "dewy" look and their matte version of their foundation is my favorite.

Bare Minerals was too shimmery for me and made my face itch like crazy in the summer if I would sweat at all. Plus, it's so darn expensive!

I've tried a few of the drugstore brands, and they too were either too shimmery or didn't provide enough coverage.

Good luck! Once you find a mineral makeup that you like, I don't think you'll ever go back to regular foundation. Mineral makeup is so much easier to apply, gives a more natural look and the containers last a very long time.:)
I am 46,have fibro,sleep apnea,acne and other health issues.I look tired alot of the time and have very blotchy skin on my face and neck.Kind of like WC Fields.
Of course most folks here are probably to young to know who he is.
For years I tried many types of foundation and wasted alot of money in the process.The liquid was to thin and soaked right into my skin.The pancake type was awful.For years I used covergirl in the tube.It did give the best coverage as far as the blotchy skin.Yet it would take 15 minutes after applied before I could use powder to kind of seal it in.
Even then my face would become oily hours later.I had to be careful hugging anyone or touching my face as the makeup would smear.

Several yrs ago I ordered sheercover.I was skeptical.
I was shocked when I first tried the product.It was amazing.It covered all my red blotchiness.It was easy to use and looked natural.I could use it on my neck as well without any lines showing.It didn't dry my skin or become too oily.It lasted all day...and It didn't smear.
A friend of mine gave me bare essentials.I was pleased with that product.
Yet my 1st choice is sheer cover.I am also thankful that mineral makeup is now a choice we have.
I have tried the store brand mineral foundations.They don't compare in my opinion and the way they are packaged is awful.MB
Jane Iredale, works the best for can get thru dermatologist, plastic surgeon offices, esthetecian ofice, or online. It really is the best,,but pricey too. they have samples tho, which are great. try them! I'm referring only to the face minerals...i haven't used any of the other blushes,,eyes, or lips :) minerals.

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