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Remember whatever you do that you must get ANTIPERSPIRANT for wetness. Deodorant does not control sweating! I recommend Mitchum roll-on. I tried the Certain Dri and found that it burned my underarms; you are supposed to put it on at night, before bedtime, not after showering and shaving, which was a problem for me to remember. Mitchum is mild feeling but works wonderfully (has a higher percentage of active ingredient than most: 20%). Some people don't think that the use of aluminum products in anti-perspirants are safe, but I can't stand to have sweaty pits!
It depends on the type of Antiperspirant/deodorant your body will respond to. There are several brands with different active ingredients and not all work for everyone. For instance Ban and some others have Aluminum Clorohydrate so you will have to try different types to decide what works for you. There are some people that all types work. Then of course you will then have to decide if your body responds to the roll-ons, sprays, gels and so forth. good luck. There isn't just one size fits all.

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