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Hello, everyone. First let me say I have severe undereye circles. They are hereditary, so basically I am stuck with them. I use Boi-ing concealer by Beneft cosmetics to cover them up, and it works pretty well. However, my foundation seems to always be the problem. I tend to switch brands every 6 months or so (power foundation that is), and each one just makes me look really fake. I get a lot of stares from people when in public, and it's awfully embarassing for me since I can't actually see myself through other people's eyes. I always have a feeling that the mirror is lying since when I finish my make-up, I look fine, but once Im out of the house, people stare. I don't know WHAT is wrong with me, honestly. To add to that, by the end of the day, my face is very oily as are my bangs. It's very frustrating; if I need to attend an event later that night. I would need to take a 2nd shower in order to look decent. I understand that I'm a teen and hormones and oil production..everything..but what frustrates me is that I'm so different than everyone else. No one I know deals with the same make-up problem, dark circle problem, oil problem. Please help me if you know what's going on. I'd be happy to hear make-up tips, oil reduction tips, basically anything. Thank you very much!

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