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I just bought some about 3 weeks ago and the color is great, it looks fantastic, and it feels good. Suddenly, though I am breaking out BAD. Worse than I did when I was a teenager. It is all in patches below my cheekbones all the way to my jaw and some on my chin. Nowhere else. I remember an asthetician telling me once that that was a "hormonal" break out area. The timing seems like it could be the makeup but my hormones have also been a little screwy since I stopped the pill and got an IUD. I also have dry skin. It never gets oily, and I tend to need alot of moisturizer. I haven't changed anything else in my beauty routine lately except for the foundation.

I don't want to stop using this makeup because it looks so good, but if it's causing the breakouts I'm going to have to. They have actually gotten so bad that I had to order Proactive, which seems to be working, but my dry skin doesn't like it that much.

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