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I usaully get blonde hi lights and lt brown low lights, but recently the low lights fade to red. So, my hairdresser suggested putting just hi lights and then putting a toner in to tone the blonde down. I have never had this done, will it actually change the color of my hair? When my hairdresser just puts hi lights in my hair it is usually way to blonde, thats why I get brown lo lights, but like I said before, its fading to red. So what do you all think? Will the toner help it from being too blonde, does a toner hurt your hair anymore than the hi lights? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I'd give the toner a try! Get it done at a salon though since I'm not sure if any work good at home. Almost every time I get my highlights done, they use a toner to make the blonde more golden rather than platinum. Also, sometimes they come out a bit yellow and the toner will take out any yellow or brassy color. It won't damage your hair... the most damaging thing is the bleach itself used for the highlights (unless you don't get them very light-- then they may use color). Usually they just put on the toner as they are washing out your hair and it does not take long at all. The only thing is that if you don't get your lowlights and if your hairstylist colors all the way down your hair EVERY time you do your highlights (rather than just touching up the roots), then your hair will gradually turn lighter to the shade of your highlights. Lowlights keep the contrast in your hair... but the toner will definitely keep the blonde from being TOO blonde.

Hope this helps!

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