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There are no "miracle" products that will make your breasts grow. The only way I know that works for some ladies is going on birth control. I know a few people who went up a cup size from the pill.

Other than that, invest in a great bra. I used to buy cheaper bras, but to me it's worth spending $40 or so on a good bra if it really fits good and makes you feel confident. I mean, who feels sexy in an old granny bra that does not fit well? My favorites are push up bras with a little bit of gel padding in it.. it lifts and gives a great look and maximizes what you have.
Cindy -

There are various herbs that you could take that will do this, namely: saw palmetto (extract), fenugreek, and wild yam (taken concurrently). You can buy them at the local health/vitamin store. If you search through some old threads on this board, you might still find some info about them. Anyway, from personal experience, they do increase your bust size, but it's only temporary, when you quit taking them they shrink back down, the same goes for birth control. I didn't suffer any adverse effects from the herbs, however, I can't say the same about birth control. I took it for its intended purpose: pregnancy prevention. Take my advice and only go on birth control if you clearly [B]need[/B] to be on it, not just to make your boobs bigger. There's too many other side effects you can get from them that are really nasty. Honestly, and you might not want to hear this, but probably the best and most permanent way to increase your breast size is to gain weight.
I went up probably a cup size from the herbs, then went down a little after I quit taking them. In other words, I started at 36B, went to up 38C, then back down a little to 36C. Keep in mind, though, I did gain a little weight (maybe 10 lbs?) while taking them. Saw palmetto (the main herb of the three) increases the appetite. In my case, though, it was a much needed weight gain. It also has estrogen-like properties, and from everything I've read, shouldn't be taken with birth control as it might affect the effectiveness of them. I'm not sure about the wild yam or the fenugreek, though, but I think that the same would hold true for them since they also affect hormones. I wasn't on the pill when I took them.

You're lucky the pill doesn't affect you badly. I'm sensitive to every medication under the sun (not just bc), what can I say, I'm a human guinea pig. :rolleyes: Even if the side effect is listed under 'rare' it'll probably happen to me. My chest did get bigger on Ovcon-35 (from a C to a D), though, but unfortunately, I suffered depression on it as well. :( It sucked because that was the only bad side effect I had on that pill. Then I found out some time after going off of it that the pill depletes B vitamins, and that if I took a B complex vitamin at the time, I probably would have felt better. Of course, the doctors won't tell you this. They would rather just keep switching your pills around so that they can keep making money off you and get their kickbacks from the drug companies. I don't blame you for not wanting to try some of the new pills. I personally think the older ones are best. I've read some real horror stories about some of the new ones over on the Birth Control board. Even though I'm not on the pill anymore, I still lurk and post on it to help other women to hopefully not suffer the same fate I did on the pill. I was on various brands for a good 10 years.

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