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I am hoping someone can relate to this:
I am in my early 30s, blonde with fair skin. I've always had acne and a ton...i mean a TON of blonde facial hair, mostly soft but it gets long and I spent a lot of time dealing with it.
My acne is fairly under control at the moment but my skin is still bad. I've tried every treatment there is, even accutane twice, a whole bunch of bcps, etc.

BUT, my reason for this post is that the most embarrassing thing I deal with is really dark, course hairs that grow on my chin. If I pluck them with tweezers they are back and just as dark by the next day! I also get one that pops up on my cheek every month when I'm premenstral, and one or two on my jawline. I've spent tons of money on electrolysis and it didn't do anything for me, and now I can't afford to keep trying treatments that will fail.

Has anyone ever used this medication called Spironolactone? It is supposed to be good for clearing up acne and helping with excess facial hair. I want to ask my dermatologist if I can try it, but I'm afraid he will not give it to me as it's not technically an acne medication, and for the facial hair he'll probably refer me back to my PC, who is no help at all. (I had a full endo workup, which I went and had on my own, but it was evidently fine).

The other thing I've read about is Vaniqa, but I've read it can make you break out, and that's the last thing I need, to fix one problem and make the other worse!

Anyone have any insight/advice/suggestions? Mainly I'm concerned with the dark, course hairs on my chin. If I have to live with the light blonde hair all over the rest of my face, so be it (though I'd love to find something that deals with it all, at least I can "trim" the blond hair with one of those simple touch trimmers and it makes it less noticeable. It's a pain because I have to do that every other day or so, but at least it's something).

I'm not worried about getting prescribed something for acne, because I know I can get that, but I need to do something finally about this hair problem. It's been a source of embarrassment for over 20 years now, it's time to deal with it once and for all. I was on the pill (a few different kinds) for 17 years and it didn't help. I need any advice I can get. If you can, please help!

Thanks, Happy Holidays!

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