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Ok this is my beauty problem: I have naturally curly hair that tends to frizz some. I am trying to only wash my hair every other day but when I wake up my hair is all over my head,kinda frizzy in spots. How or what can I do to my hair at night that will make it look pretty good for the next day? Right now I wear a ponytail to bed, don't know how to braid. Does anyone have any tips? Washing my hair every day is becoming a real pain. thanks
Hello I have naturally curly hair myself.Took me so many years to figure out the same thing.Finally many years ago I met a friend who has curly hair as well I asked her what she does cause she is also a hair dresser.She washes it puts mouse and then gel.Let me tell you its great holds for 2 days sometimes 3 and I dont pull it back at night either.Not only does it hold for a few days but makes my curls look so good.Oh and after you apply the mouse and gel then blow dry with your head upside down while skrunching your hair with your hand.Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions and also let me know how it goes.

Mapia 74, sorry but have another question for you. What mousse and gel do you use? How much of each do you put in your hair? I hate that crunchy, wet look in my hair but I guess I have to experiment to find the correct amount of mousse and gel!:angel:
Hi and you are very welcome.Well it depends on how much hair you have I have thick hair and its past my shoulder so I use a hand ful of mouse and gel.You will have to try different quanities until you find what is right for you.I usually use any mouse that says for curly hair.I found at Sallys there is a mouse I get called ION its in a purple bottle but I use the one for color treated hair.I am currently overseas so no Sallys here I just get any mouse for curly or color treated hair since I dye mine.I used Garnier Fructis Stle liquid gel extra strong its in a little round bottle.I have noticed the liquid gel usually works better doesnt make your hair crusty.When using the spray liquid gel which is what the Fructis is just spray a good amount all over and flip your head upside down and spray the inside of your hair as well.Now what works for me might not work for you so you might have to try a few different gels.Like I said my hair is thick so I usually need a strong gel.While applying the mouse and gel skrunch your hair.Good luck and again if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.Let me know how it works.

I have curly hair also and I use Pantene leave in treatment. I wash my hair every other day. Once I get out of the shower I put a small amount in my hair while it's damp. I then blow dry it and use a little hair spray to keep it in hold, but not crunchy. And it lasts for a few days.
Mapia 74, hi. I tried using mousse and then gel and then I dried my hair. It looks really good but I did notice the back of my hair was a tiny bit frizzy not alot though. I guess I need to use a bit more gel maybe? I know that it is trial and error and I just have to get the right amounts of mousse and gel down, but my hair felt coated so I thought I had enough of the gel and mousse in my hair. Will keep you posted. Thanks for your suggestion.
I have curly hair & the days I don't wash it, I put a little water on my hands and scrunch it to reactivate the product I put in the day before. Works fine!
I have really curly and thick hair. I always buy gel made for black women so you will have to look in the section with black womens' products. It usually comes in round tubs with a lid. There are different brands. My favorite kind is made by Long Aid, it's a Curl Activator. Another really good one is EcoStyler. It comes in clear and pink. I buy the pink. There is also Smooth and Shine. They contain aloe vera and are alcohol free and do not make your hair crunchy at all. I blow dry my hair upside down for about 10 minutes and let it air dry the rest of the way. I just try not to sleep on my hair at night. You'd think it's hard because you're asleep, but I'm so used to it that I guess I even think about it when I'm sleeping. My hair usually looks great in the morning. If there's is any frizz, I do the same thing as a previous poster and simply add more water and maybe a touch of gel on the frizzy spot. One important thing though, is that after I get out of the shower and brush my hair . .. I put the gel in while it is soaking wet. This helps the hair to stay in clumps. If you have 30 hairs stuck together it will make a much more beautiful, shiny, defined curl than thinner curls with less hair. I don't know if you know what I mean. I brush my hair, lean over and shake my head and put the gel in my hair in kind of crunching manner . . then I use a towel and scrunch my hair upside down to get out the excess water. Good luck. Let us know if you try it!

P.S. Oh, I just thought of another little thing that I do. When I'm in the shower, I never completely rinse out all of the conditioner. It helps decrease the frizz and also makes it easier to detangle next time you wash it!
DVS, how do you not sleep on your hair at night? That is one of my problems because the next morning when I wake, my hair looks fried till I wash it again! Do you put your hair in a really high ponytail at night?
Actually no, I sleep all night leaning on my hand. LOL . . Just kidding!! I just flip it up over the pillow. If I put it in a ponytail then the next day you can see where the ponytail was. After so many years of doing it, I guess it's just second nature. If you can't do this, maybe you could try a loose sleeping cap.

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