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1. One I just tried to make your lips look fuller in the middle is to take a navy eye pencil (yes, navy) and fill in the corners of your lips. First, take a liquid foundation or brightener that is one level lighter than your skin and apply it around your lips but blend well. Apply the navy pencil using a sharp point but one that softens easily. Don't smear it but apply it in defined lines. Apply your normal lipstick or gloss on top. It will cover the navy but appear darker than the rest, thereby making your lips look fuller in the middle. Coral and berry shades work the best.

2. I have no idea why this works but there is some miracle ingredient in Bath and Body orange ginger hand lotion. Not the regular lotion, which is formulated to be thinner. I used the hand lotion on my neck and decolletage. That is one of the first signs of aging. You can always tell a person's age by their neck. LOL Within 2 weeks, that area had tighter skin and lost the slight crepey look. I applied it in the morning and before bed.

3. I had such great results with the hand lotion on my neck so I used it on other problem areas. As a true blonde, I have pale sparse brows and lashes. I applied the lotion to my brows both in am and pm. For the first time in my life, I have brows that actually extend all the way where they should. Since they are sparse they have never been plucked and I was fortunate that they did grow in a nice arch. Now they are fuller and slightly darker too.

4. Next I used it on my lashes. Be very careful not to get it in your eyes or around your eyes. I applied it only at night and used a small brush. Like painting. Again, they are fuller and slightly darker but the weird thing is that on my right eye, I am now growing another layer of lashes. It's right over top the old lashes. There seems to be a lot of lucky ones here who already have fullness but for those pale ones like me, we need lots of help.

5. Having not applied sunscreen as often as I should have to my arms, I started getting a few age and sun spots. I hate that look so I immediately looked for some products. I decided to go the cheap route first. Palmer's Eventone Fade Milk is $6 at Walmart. It worked like a charm! You see immediate results because it has something that instantly brightens but over time, you will see them fade away. I don't have any on my face so I can't vouch for that but it is recommended.

6. For dark shadows or puffy eyes, first apply light concealer just below the eye but not over the bone. Blend well. Then take a pale rose or mauve concealer or eye shadow cream and smooth this from lashes over the top lid but not above. Then apply a slightly darker rose into the crease of the lid. Apply a few dots of highlighter under the arch of the brow and blend. Line your top lid all the way to the nose and then extend it at the outer corner using a slight upwards motion. Apply bottom liner all the way across. Do not stop halfway if you have shadows or baggy eyes. These colors suit almost every skin tone but you can also then apply a light color of eye shadow just in the space very close to the upper liner. Then take a white pencil and line the inner bottom rim all the way across and then up and over the corner next to the nose. Make sure this is only slightly smudged. Too sharp won't look good but neither will a smear. This will open up your eyes and brighten them.

7. If your jaw line needs to look more firm, use a matte bronzer under the chin and up to the ear. Dust it and blend down onto the neck so there won't be line. If you skin is dark, you can use brown eye shadow powder but just make sure it is 2 shades darker than your skin tone. Then use your blusher in an upwards motion across the apple of the cheek and then to the ear. If you like, use a highlighter at your temples to raise the eye away from your jaw.

8. If you have fine or thin hair, ask for a Gravity Layer cut. This works well on all lengths except very short. Use a volumizing shampoo but only use conditioner about once a week for healthy hair. After toweling dry, take small sections working bottom to top and spray with a voluminizer then scrunch while blowing drying on a cool setting or using a diffuser. You don't need to blow dry it completely but if it still has some dampness, keep scrunching until it is dry. This is all you need to do to get a full, slightly mussed look. Even if you don't have natural waves, this cut and the styling will add them for you. If you prefer a more defined look, use a texturizer or smoothing serum last depending on what you like.

I've read such great tips on here over the years and thought I would spend some time today to add a few of mine.

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