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I was going to suggest the same thing. It works great for me and people are surprised when I say I sometimes cut my own hair. I haven't been able to find a good new hairstylist that does my hair how I want so sometimes I get frustrated with spending a lot and just do it myself. This way is the easiest and quickest to do it. There are other ways, where you split your hair into vertical sections and comb them holding them out to the side, and cut straight. I don't know if that makes sense in words though... it may be something easier to show!
Don't do it. Try and get someone to watch the baby and pamper yourself!
OP may not have time or funds for a cut right now. I have layered my own hair many times when I'm too busy to get an appt. I've used the same method of pulling my hair in a ponytail too, but I go a bit farther.

Start the way mentioned above with the one ponytail and make the first cut. Then divide hair into 4 sections. I make a part down the center of my head, then divide it again from front to back to make the 4 sections. I pull each section up straight again and make another trim but not as much as the first one with all hair in one ponytail. Then I shake all the hair out.

I pull random strands out and holding the scissors vertical, make tiny snips in the strand. Only snip a few times. Once or twice on each strand and I use nail scissors to do this so not much hair will be cut. This makes the layers more uneven and avoids any straight lines. I usually do this part on the front sections only. It's too hard to pull much of my hair from the back and do it right so I leave the majority of that alone after the first two steps.

Since I wear my hair parted on the side, I do this final step of snipping strands with my hair parted as usual. Once I am done, it looks very similar to what the stylist does. Of course, I prefer to go in and have a professional do my hair but this works very well in a pinch.

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