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I get it too when I shave, I usually use alovera gel after shaving and that helps. I have also used solarcaine spray and that helps.
Definitely make sure to use a good razor. I use Venus Breeze... most disposable or cheap kinds give me razor burn. I use a moisturizing body wash to shave and use a good amount, but of course a shaving gel would work too... all of those things are better than a regular bar soap. Shaving in the direction hair grows will prevent irritation, but shaving against it will give a closer shave. It's just something you will have to see what works best for you! Just try not to go over the same section over and over or that can irritate too. I also don't shave this area EVERY day because that can irritate too. Lastly, there are sprays out there that protect you from chafing from clothing after you shave. It may be similar to what hobogirl recommended. The one I have is called "coochy" a funny name, but hey it seems to work well!

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