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I know there is already an active thread regarding puffy eyes, but this is different than puffy eyes. How can I prevent my eyes from being so puffy and swollen from crying the night before. Something happened today that has caused me to be upset most of the day, and I know my eyes are going to look awful tomorrow for work. This has happened before and it is so embarassing. My eyelids get so swollen I can't even wear makeup. I've tried putting a cold rag on them in the morning, but then the swelling moves to under my eyes. I've also tried taking an allergy pill before bed, because I've read that will help, but it doesn't help a lot.
Thanks in advance for your help. I'm dreading going to work tomorrow because of this.
I wish I could help but my eyes do exactly the same thing! I put hot/wet washcloths over my eyes and that helps a dab. Benadryl does nothing for me at all! So anyway, I'm going to keep an eye on this thread to see if anyone has any tricks!
I get this every time I cry before bed. I use ice packs. It helps more then anything I have tried and if you are done crying at night use them on your eyes before bed and see if that helps keep it from getting so bad in the morning.

I usually end up crying when I am trying to sleep some more so that messes it all up trying to use the ice at night but in the morning take plastic sandwich bags or any other kind of bag you can seal up and put an ice cube in it and then use a very thin cloth over it.

I use dish towels that are very thin but if you don't have that paper towels work too. It will make the swelling go down faster but really it still takes a while for the swelling to go down.

If you can use the ice in the morning for a good half hour alternating every few minutes to the other eye. For me it makes the swelling go down at least by noon quite a bit.
Try this I am a expert on the puffy crying eyes :( I save my used tea bags and keep them in my fridge until i need them I wrap them in saran wrap to keep them moist then I lay in bed with them over my eyes until I get sleepy really does help me, Ginger
I thought of another simple trick I also put 2 teasppons in the freezer and put them on my eyes talk about refreshing and a BIG eye opener @@
Thanks for all the replies! I had actually read on the net about putting the spoons in the freezer, so I did that before I went to sleep last night, but I had to do it again this morning, because they were so swollen. It did work. I would think that is comparable to using the ice cubes in the freezer bags, too. I only left the back of the spoons on my eyes for about 5-10 minutes, and then just applied all of my makeup except for my eye makeup. Then right before I went to work, I applied my eye makeup. I didn't even form the bags underneath my eyes, after the top swelling went away! I think if I could have left them on for the 30 minutes, they would have looked even better! I have also read about the tea bags, too. I think lots of people have good results with teabags.
Hopefully there will not be anymore of those days/nights for awhile!

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