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I have to disagree with the box dyes. I've tried them before and all they did was turn my hair orange and it's been like that for years. When I was younger I decided to dye my hair lighter (I had a really nice natural shade of ashy brown that would turn blonde in the summer because I'd get these chunky natural highlights). Anyway, I decided to be stupid and tried dying my hair with dyes to lighten it faster. All that did was turn my hair all shades of orange. I continued dying it till I got the shade of blonde that I wanted.
But than a few years later I wanted my natural color back and there was no way to achieve that other than let it grow out. By then my hair was already way too long (like halfway down my back) so I couldn't let it grow out. I had to keep dyeing and redying it all the time to get it to brown (you can just imagine how much damage that caused); it's been probably 8 years and my hair STILL isn't back to it's natural color. I've cut it a lot since then and dyed it with semi-permanent ash color dyes, so it's getting better, but a lot of it is still a bit more red coppery than I want it to be.
Anyway, I wanted to lighten my hair up a bit to get it closer to my natural color. I tried using peroxide and it worked great (MUCH better than dyes).
It didn't turn my natural color (my roots and all that) orange at all. It looks pretty good. In fact I just washed my hair and sprayed more preoxide into it before I blowdyed it. It looks even lighter and really nice in my opinion.

All I did was take an old empty bottle of Tresemme heat protectant spray (this works wonderfully because the bottle is black, and peroxide is stored in dark colored bottles. It also has a trigger so it's really easy to spray it on your hair with just one hand.) I mixed about 5 oz or peroxide and 5 oz of water into it and spray it into my hair whenever/wherever I feel like I want it lighter.

Hope this helps.

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