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Unlike you, I try just the opposite!! To look smaller. A "DD" full figure is not the easiest thing to find. Especially one the covers and supports.
You mentioned VS bras. I have a daughter who was insistent that I buy one even though I told her they do not fit me. She bought me one for x-mas anyway. (She works for VS). Can't remember the name of the bra; it was underwire, and had a push up pad, (lifting) under the cup. But did not actually push you up. It was very nice and I would have kept it if it fit properly. That may be one to try? Also, underwires give you a better fit than a bra without it. IMO.
I do really like the Very Sexy bras from VS. The one without underwire fits me PERFECTLY and is the only bra without wire that works for me! I agree that I don't think the gel parts in it push you up way too much and it still looks natural and nice. I guess maybe I should stick with those! It seems like the regular very sexy push up bra sticks out a little bit at one part, but it's not a big deal and I have been fitted properly for my size. I find that if a bra fits great, it doesn't really need any padding to enhance.

I do have one of those stick on natural bras! Mine does feel a little heavy though, so I only wear it in a very supportive top. I have tried them as mentioned in addition to a bra and that was the biggest boost anything has EVER given me! I wore it for a halloween party that way... it looked like I had a boob job! My chest looked bigger than girls you see in the VS catalogs! It definitely works!

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