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Hey everyone,
This is actually a question related to my previous thread (Hair Salon Question).
Now that I have blonde hair due to the heavy high lights I got done today, I have an important shampoo question.
My stylist asked me what kind of shampoo I use and advisted me to get a shampoo for color treated hair... a purple one. I've never used a purple shampoo so I asked her what kind. She mentioned that Redken has one and that the salon also has a cheaper version of it. I forgot to buy it after I left, but than I figured I could probably find this (or a similar) shampoo somewhere else for cheaper.
So exactly what kind (or brand) of this purple shampoo should I get? Something reasonably priced. I looked at some at Sally Beauty Supply... they have a bunch, but I'm not sure which one is right for me.
Here are a few that I found and I'm wondering which one would be best for my highlighted hair:

1. Colorgen - professional color profecting shampoo for all colors.
2. Blondie - highlight enhancing shampoo.
3. Aquelle - color protecting shampoo.
4. Stay Blonde - rejuvenates natural and color treated hair.
5. Shiny Silver - restores brightness to frosted, highlighted, and gray hair.

The most obvious one for me would be Blondie, but of course I'm not 100% sure so I'd like some feedback by those of you who know better.

I also have a question about conditioning. If I get this purple shampoo, do I also have to get a special conditioner or can I just use a regular conditioner (right now I use Aussie 3 Minute Miracle)? A few of the shampoo brands I mentioned above also have conditioners.


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