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Join the party, girl! I suffer from the same problems as you and I don't have a lot of extra money to spend either. Here's what I use and do...

For Upper Lip (this only works well if you have LIGHT skin tones)...I have very light skin and can't tan on my face so bleach seems to be the best way to go for me (at least on my face). I've waxed before and it comes back stubby at first and NO GIRL WANTS THAT. So, if you have light skin go with a bleaching product (especially if you only have just a little to hide). I use JOLEN CREME BLEACH. They make it in a huge bottle that will last you for 6+ months ($9) or a small bottle that will last 3+ months ($4). It comes in regular formula or sensitive skin formula...both for FANTASTIC! I leave it on for about 5-10 mins and it will last for several weeks for me (I have dark hair so that is saying a lot). Again, once you apply your makeup, the bleached hair will blend right in with your foundation and powder and look like it isn't even there. Now, if you have darker skin tones or tan on your face then I would try waxing because if you bleach it will stick out like a sour thumb. In fact, my best friend is very tan with light blond hair and her facial hair really stands out for that reason. She has to wax...problem is that it does come back a little stubby at first but will grow out and be soft onces it gets long enough. (By the way, Jolen is available at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, etc..easy to find)

Bikin Line ... I use a wax at home. I use to use Sally Hansen but it would leave a lot of sticky wax behind that was almost impossible to remove. I use NADS which is an all natural honey like formula that comes with reusable cloth strips. IT WORKS AMAZINGLY GREAT and is VERY easy to clean up. You get a good size jar that will last you through LOTS of usage. I have to purchase mine online since I've never seen it in stores... I got 8 jars on ebay for $20 so that is VERY reasonable!

For legs I like to buy a REALLY good razor and cream and shave frequently. I just got the Venus Embrace which has 5 blades and it is wonderful. You'll get a super close shave that makes your legs feel silky smooth. The razor is $10 and comes with 1 extra the paper because I've seen lots of coupons for $1-$2 off this razor since it is a newer product.

I hope this helps you!! Good luck....I'd get the lazer hair remover if I could afford it but it seems to be a small fortune! If only they had some good payment would be really worth it to me.

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