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I'm 26 and i have the worst dark circles and it really bothers me. So i did some research online and came across the best trick i ever found! I wanted to share it with anyone else that feels self conscience like me about it. OK so here it is:
1.Start by moisterizing under your eye area also on your whole face if your going to be applying foundation.

2. Apply your foundation.

3. OK here is the weird part dab orange lip stick on your dark circles dont rub just dab. You can also try pink lipstick it depends on the color of your circles You can try both colors to see what works best for you. MAKE SURE ITS A MATTE LIPSTICK NOT A SHIMMERY ONE! Some people also have said they do it with eye shadow (i guess you would mix it with moisterizer first)

4. After the lipstick is on you circles dab concelor that matches your skin tone on top of the lipstick. Pat it on.

4. Next sweep translusent loose powder over the eye area to set it.

P.s This trick works by canceling out the bluish, purple or brownish color of your dark circles.

I really hope this works for you! Good luck and i would love to hear your opinions on it!!!!;)

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